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CONCORD ENVIRO Plate-Frame (PF) Membrane Module
The only series flow module.  The membrane module concept is based on the following objectives and in-service requirements:
1. Cross-flow supply of the untreated solution feed to the membranes with the membrane elements being hydraulically in series.
2. Creation of extremely short untreated solution flow paths in the individual membrane elements until the final flow reversal.
3. Creation of an open duct over the membrane surfaces for the untreated solution.
Advantages of Modular Membrane System :

1.  Simplified pretreatment
2.  Direct applications to high COD/BOD, SDI, Turbidity
3.  No suspended solids fouling
4.  Consistent high quality pure water
5.  Consistent treatment & reuse solution
6.  Lower cost as compared to Thermal systems
7.  High reliability
8.  High recovery rates possible
9.  Technologically advanced systems
10. Lesser space requirement

Strong product support from us with over 20 years experiences at over 8,000 desalination and 1,500 wastewater treatment sites worldwide.

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