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The Concord Blue Solution
can also be used in hybrid operation with solar energy in solar thermal power plants to ensure reliable, climate-friendly operation around the clock. Additionally, the process may create high value bio-char and ash by-product (depends on the type of waste input) that can be utilized within the fertilizer and construction industries.

Environmental Friendly :
The Concord Blue Tower is amongst the most environmentally friendly waste-to-energy systems available. It adheres to the strictest norms of the EPA and the European standards on Air Pollutions and even ensures that major organic pollutants like dioxins and furans are cracked and eliminated in the reforming stage.  As the handling of the Product gas is completely separated from the atmosphere, only a negligible component of CO (a major emission in other gasification plants) reach the atmosphere.

Process Flow Overview
· Fully Automated.
· Multi-feedstock capability.
· Dry & Wet segregation not needed, only Inert removal needed.
· Input material does not need to be of constant quality and can be changed without making plant
  adjustments, any time and as often as desired.
· Waste material is segregated (only for Inert) & dried.
· Waste material is fed into thermolyser to decompose input to 80% gas & 20% char. (Up to 50%
  char production is possible if preferred)
· Staged Reforming: 3 partially separated vessels.
· Use of ceramic heat carrier beads to achieve a constant and equal heat transfer to the waste
· The 20% char is combusted in a char furnace to generate the required process heat.  
· 80% product gas rises into the reformer where the gas is refined into a high value syngas, Blue
· The flue gas from the char furnace is used to heat the heat carrier beads.

Currently, Concord Blue Solution is already implemented in Germany, Japan, India and United State.  For futher details, kindly contact us at info@asiaenviro.com
Concord Blue and its revolutionary carbon-neutral waste-to-energy technology provides solutions for two of the world’s foremost problems, managing waste disposal and creating sustainable energy.

Multi-Feedstock Technology :
Concord Blue uses regenerative feedstock from the following industries to produce clean, renewable energy (sewage sludge cake, urban and forestry wood biomass, household garbage/municipal solid waste, hospital waste, manure waste or agriculture industry waste). Because it doesn’t depend on a single feedstock and its cost-efficient availability, a multitude of worldwide, location-specific potential exists.

High Value Output :
The clean syngas product created in the Concord Blue is especially rich in hydrogen, low in tar and practically nitrogen-free. It has many different uses, especially for renewable power  generation and  production of  hydrogen. It
Trucks Transporting Waste
Waste Storage Unit
Drying & Shredding
Char send back for gassification
Ash for cement blocks
Concord Blue Tower
Gas Engine
(inside Concord Blue Tower)